Our company is intertwined with the construction sector since 1968, and has begun production of PVC profile which is an indispensable for modern construction, in 1994 under the “ENDERPEN” brand name. Within short period of time ENDERPEN became one of the leading companies in its sector.During this period while keeping economic, aesthetic and contemporary preferences in foreground, it was certainly keep promising quality policy.
While offering modern solutions for today 's contemporary living spaces, ENDERPEN’s professional team continues to work endlessly to achieve excellence in PVC windows at its production facilities of 25,000 m2 closed and a total of 37,000 m2
ENDERPEN aims to achieve customer satisfactions and to deliver comfort and aesthetic to all spaces with its attentive work from the first stage of production until the products meet with customers.
With the principle of being the leader in its sector, ENDERPEN uses high levels of technology to achieve excellence in PVC profile and become the role model of the sector.
To eliminate problems occurring from human errors, ENDERPEN uses computer aided automatic feeding units which is used by very few company in Turkey. With these automatic feeding units, the profiles are produced with standardized chemical formulation.  
ENDERPEN has different alternative profile options to meet the needs and tastes of each and every consumer. ENDERPEN continuously produce profiles with in 8 different profile series and dozens of product types including auxiliary profiles. Addition to its profiles ENDERPEN also produces vinyl siding which is one of the most preferred cladding system for last years with its own brand name of ENDERSIDING.
With goal of making quality products at every stage of production, ENDERPEN owns a fully equipped Quality Control Unit. This unit verifies the desired quality levels at all stages of productions and presents high quality to the consumers.
By combining 20 years of experience and technology and young and dynamic staff, Ender Structural Elements Inc. joins quality, esthetics, and trust under one roof, and opens up from Gaziantep to Turkey, and from Turkey to the World.
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